What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

It's been confirmed - a rose by any other name WOULD NOT smell as sweet! Sorry Shakespeare.

It’s been confirmed – a rose by any other name WOULD NOT smell as sweet! SorryShakespeare.

A recent study by a Harvard Business School professor validated what all of usmarketers and public relations professionals have been preaching all along – a brand is a powerful thing. It can significantly influence the consumer’s perception of quality and value, whether consuming products, services or content.

The study focused specifically on how a publication brand can influence a reader’s perception of the quality of an article. It found that readers rated the quality of the same article more highly if it was presented as having run in The Economist than inthe Huffington Post.

First, these findings can be logically applied to products and services. When a company is known for quality, high performance, innovation or other positive factors, that reputation is passed along to its products and services and can improve a consumer’s experience and satisfaction. Investing in supporting a corporate brandand strengthening industry expert positioning can go a long way in moving products up the value chain.

The study results also bolster the case for public relations.  Editors are gatekeepers and the stronger the publication brand, typically the harder us PR reps need to work to secure coverage. A strong editorial placement in the leading industry magazine adds weight to the message being stated.

Jen Sprance is Managing Director, EMEA at ABI marketing public relations. You can reach her at +44 (0)20 7014 3503 and

by Jen Sprance