How do you fuel build B2B Brand Preference in China? Use WeChat -- strategically

How do you fuel build B2B Brand Preference in China? Use WeChat -- strategically

As one of the most prominent information and communication channels in China, WeChat boasted up to 700 million users worldwide in 2016. This massive user base presents a huge opportunity for WeChat to become a new and promising avenue for business development. Hinging on this great potential, the WeChat Public Platform has emerged as the most sought-after platform for business communications and quickly gained popularity for its convenience, efficiency and low-cost.

WeChat Mobile Apps Fuel Significant Opportunities for B2B Companies

With the emergence of mobile B2B WeChat Platforms, the possibilities of B2B communication have greatly expanded. By building a WeChat site that strategically appeals to important decision makers and builds a growing following of customers and prospects, B2B companies can drastically shorten the time required for information delivery. By pushing relevant and compelling information directly to followers, interest increases and sales cycles shorten.

Additionally, WeChat regulates registrations through a strict verification process, ensuring information reliability and accuracy.  Thus, it serves as reliable source for potential customers to obtain accurate information of companies in a timely manner. Coupled with the convenience of mobile devices, B2B companies can also familiarize themselves with the competitive landscape and industry trends, allowing them to anticipate potential challenges and address them early.

How to Run a Successful WeChat Public Platform

High quality content is key to a successful WeChat marketing program.  Compelling and well-focused content encourages reader engagement and increased interactions. For example, B2B brands may share candid conversations from company executives to achieve greater thought-leadership in targeted industries or trade segments.

Strategic use of images, charts and embedded multimedia content in thought-leadership initiatives will further enhance appeal to readers and encourage increased followers.

By shaping thought-leadership content as heartfelt narratives, the company’s culture will have a much stronger resonance and viral potential.

In addition, marketers can build interest among WeChat followers by encouraging interaction. Several WeChat platforms facilitate reward programs that encourage greater follower participation. Other tactics can be introduced to engage discussions and gain valuable feedback.

To be successful on WeChat, B2B companies must be consistent and post frequently.

To ensure consistency and frequency of compelling content, develop an editorial timeline.  Decide in advance the posts that will created and released over a 6 to 12 month period. Select topics and themes that will address “pain points” that keep targeted demographics up at night.

WeChat followers perceive frequent post rates as a sign that companies are performing well and are delivering innovation. While an active post rate reflects well on the company’s successful standing, infrequent posting may indicate poor performance or business issues.

And most important don’t casually post any content for the sake of gaining greater frequency. This will backfire. Content that is not relevant, helpful or interesting may cause your business to be blocked or unfollowed by potential customers.

In summary, B2B companies in China need to initiate the dynamic WeChat social media platform strategically with compelling content to support growth and increase market share.

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by Juliet Zhu