Top Tips for Brand Awareness in New Markets

Top Tips for Brand Awareness in New Markets

How often are you asked to market a product or services in a market that you are unfamiliar with?  

A recent campaign for Bosch Packaging Technology saw us help our client to change the local South African perspective on their business and gain the media attention they required. The final results of our campaign delivered over 100 sales leads, of which 50 were new leads while also gaining 26 placements in national industry specific media.

For marketing teams, it can be quite a daunting task starting afresh, below are our top tips for embarking on a journey into new sales regions:  

Do your homework

Understanding the way in which a region communicates and receives information is vital.  Having ABI offices in Frankfurt, New York, London, Singapore and Shanghai has really opened our eyes to the many regional and cultural differences faced by communications professionals. As an example, blogs are quite a popular format in Europe and North America. However, journalists in Korea are less inclined to publish this type of content and prefer a more personable approach, such as an interview.

By working closely with regional experts and internal sales teams, it’s important to pinpoint the most effective ways of communicating. Whether that be an online campaign or short sharp direct mails – what matters most is hitting the right audience, not necessarily the largest.

Create the buzz

Once the location and method of communication has been decided on, it’s time to maximize its potential and get your message to the people that need to hear it.  In our opinion, a great place to start is industry events. These hives of activity are where companies go to get noticed, launch products and battle out who has the best offering. As a result, it’s where to find industry journalists. Having face-to-face time with editors to talk through technologies and offerings is invaluable in new markets.

If no suitable events are on–why not host your own event?  Recently, we have generated over ten placements in key international media by hosting an in-house event for a client in the automotive sector.

Reap the rewards

When we launched the campaign for Bosch Packaging Technology in South Africa, the biggest challenge was changing the perception of the global brand from “only deals with large accounts” to “everyone is treated equally, from start-ups through to global producers”.  

By following the tips above, we were able to exceed our client’s goals with over 100 sales leads. Our research led us to create a triple-content approach centered on ProPak Africa 2016, fielding press releases, feature article and interviews.  Here’s what our client had to say:

“ABI were thorough with their approach from the beginning right through to their efforts securing interviews after the show.  We increased our brand awareness in the region and as a result of the campaign I’ve had new leads to investigate while our company name is now associated with mid-range automation,” said Steffen Manke, general manager, Bosch Packaging Technology, South Africa.

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by Maria Ciubotaru