How SEO Impacts Purchasing Decisions

How SEO Impacts Purchasing Decisions

You could be forgiven for thinking that reading and writing have gone out of fashion. The internet came along and tore the traditional media sector apart, spawning tablets, apps, and listicles.The printing and publishing sectors were hit strong and fast. However, words have never been as important as they are now.

The internet is a beast, SEO is its appetite and words are its food.

If you don’t believe me, ask Google. With its latest algorithm changes, it is no longer about who you know (i.e. what links you have and where to), it’s about what you say, how often you say it and how the world responds to what you are saying. What does this mean in practice? It means constant, fresh content on your website and around the web. It means either you find your voice or you hire someone to find it for you. It also means that engaging with social media is no longer the domain of the adventurous. It has to be front-row center in your communications plan.

Studies prove that B2B customers complete almost 57% of their purchasing decisions before engaging with a supplier’s sales rep directly. [1] Does that make you nervous? It should! It makes even the slowest, most conservative Multi-National Corporations rethink their communications plans. Why wouldn’t you want to be the voice in the ear of your prospective customers? Marketing directors around the world are using this research to drive change in their organizations and secure budgets for social media activity.

We need to be in the first 57% of the purchasing decision, but what does that look like? Well, it means being at the educational end of the decision. It means that when prospects take to the internet with a business problem to research, your marketing should be explaining why your type of services is an option. Start a blog, take to social media; develop infographics and e-books. In addition to pushing your own content, getting involved in reviews by the media and articles online are as powerful as ever, both for SEO and reaching prospects. Getting content out on the web via newswires and spread across the social networks is essential to getting your voice heard earlier in the decision making process.

Find a strategic partner, a great wordsmith and the narrative will follow.                                         


by Lindsey Bredin