Strong Demand For Content Marketing in B2B Manufacturing Sector Drives ABI Expansion

Strong Demand For Content Marketing in B2B Manufacturing Sector Drives ABI Expansion

Specialist editors join ABI in Europe to bolster content marketing team.

London, United Kingdom– March 8, 2016 – European manufacturers are taking the lead in content marketing globally, according to ABI, a leading international B2B marketing firm, who has recently grown the editorial team at their EMEA headquarters in London. Through the introduction of experienced B2B editors with in-depth market knowledge, ABI has increased its ability to produce the type and quality of content that resonates with industrial audiences.

Bernard Guly, Managing Director, EMEA says:

“There is a big change happening in the European B2B manufacturing industry, in terms of marketing. Companies are less reliant on traditional marketing methods and we know this from the demand for our content, social and lead generation services, which has grown by over 40% since 2014. This is a greater shift than we have seen in other regions”.

A major driver for this shift in marketing is the fact that 92% of internet searches [1] in Europe are conducted on Google. This is compared to 67% market share in the US [2] where it has strong competition and also marginal market share in China [3] where it has access issues. This dominance in Europe puts extra pressure on European manufacturers to keep up with Google’s rules. Prior to 2014, when a product or service was googled, company websites were ranked according to how many links they had to other websites. However, new rules from Google mean that a major factor in a website’s ranking is the quality, frequency and popularity of its content.

“There is a real marketing challenge being faced by international companies in terms of the volume and quality of content required to sustain their commercial objectives and drive sales. Creating and adapting content in multiple languages for multiple verticals in multiple markets across multiple channels is not an easy thing to do alone”, continued Bernard Guly.

With buyers conducting 57% of their sales journey prior to contacting a company [4], content marketing helps reach across the void by educating potential buyers in formats that are easily digested such as video, electronic direct mail, blogs, website copy, whitepapers, e-books, slideshares, photography and infographics. Combining highly skilled editors with existing in-house copywriting, digital and marketing expertise at ABI will help ensure content is found online by the right audience.

A key addition to the ABI content team is editor, Paulina Malinska, an established writer with a deep knowledge of the packaging market in Central Eastern Europe. Having worked as an editor for a leading Polish packaging magazine, Packaging Polska, she is able to customize any content to regional market’s needs and secure high-quality media coverage. Additionally, her background in marketing and language skills (Polish, German and Russian) allow her to provide valuable insights into the preferences of local readerships when it comes to content.

Following Paulina, Richard Piper joined ABI after heading up CanTech International Magazine, a trade publication serving the global metal packaging industry. Prior to this, Richard edited and contributed to trade journals in a variety of sectors including healthcare, aviation, food and drink and education over a period of 10 years. Richard brings with him a wide network of influencers, particularly from the engineering and F&B sectors, in addition to his content expertise.





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readerships when it comes to content.

by Bernard Guly