Communicating value through video

Eastman Chemical Company’s chemicals, fibers and plastics are used as key ingredients in products that people use every day. Approximately 10,000 Eastman employees around the world blend technical expertise and innovation to deliver practical solutions. The company is committed to finding sustainable business opportunities within the diverse markets and geographies it serves.

The company’s “Eastman Insights” video series, produced by ABI in conjunction with Uber (London), explores how Eastman men and women leverage their technical and market-connect expertise to effectively collaborate with customers and supply chain partners. The multi-part film series highlights the collaboration between Eastman and world-class designers, innovative CEOs, and visionary entrepreneurs.

ABI was honored in BtoB Magazine’s 'Best Of' online video category for Eastman’s “Model for Innovation.” Like all videos in the Eastman Insights series, it relied on candid conversations and expert editing to bring out the personalities and stories behind the business deal.

“Innovation is easy to talk about, hard to accomplish, and critical to our continued growth,” said Mark Costa, Executive Vice President, Specialty Polymers, Coatings and Adhesives, and Chief Marketing Officer for Eastman. “I am honored that our marketing team’s approach to demonstrating value through engaging slice-of-life success stories has been recognized.”

“We love the marketing efforts that tell stories,” BtoB Magazine noted in its reporting of the award selection. “We believe that narrative tales, especially true narratives, have a staying power and a branding power that a mere listing of facts can never match.”