Trust your

Artel is the technology leader in low-volume liquid handling quality assurance, providing advanced measuring systems and technical support services to laboratories in sectors such as clinical, drug discovery and forensics.  When Artel first partnered with ABI, the company had two challenges to overcome. First, there was a lack of awareness of the critical need for liquid handling quality assurance. Additionally, traditional competing technologies were widely used and the company was not well known.

To counter the first challenge, ABI developed a program to communicate the risks and costs associated with liquid handling error. This included the development of thought leadership and technical articles and publication in leading life science media, both bylined by Artel and other industry experts.  We also developed written and video case histories with well-known laboratories to credibly demonstrate the business value that Artel brings to its customers. 

To more strongly communicate the benefit that laboratories gain from Artel’s technology and resonate with prospects, we repositioned the company under the tagline “Trust your Results....Today.”  This replaced the company’s previously used tagline, “Measuring for Life…Precisely” which did not highlight the business value. 

To continue to raise awareness of the criticality of liquid handling in a fun way, ABI created and led a unique marketing public relations campaign - the Extreme Pipetting Expedition. In this year-long initiative, Artel visited extreme locations, from Death Valley to Yellowstone, to test how environmental conditions affect pipetting accuracy and precision. With great photos and hard data, we were able to generate strong media coverage to reinforce Artel’s expertise, demonstrate the importance of regular, on-site verification of liquid handling instrumentation, engage customers and prospects in an ongoing dialog and showcase the portability and robustness of Artel’s measurement products to support sales.

After five years of work with ABI, Artel is recognized as the leader in low-volume liquid handling quality assurance.