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ABI is one of the world's leading business-to-business marketing public relations consultancies. Our thought leaders possess unique vision and strategic perspectives on marketing, communications, and business that ultimately help companies achieve new and profitable growth.

We have compiled our industry expertise into regular new articles and downloadable white papers. The articles provide insight into our methods and into our way of thinking.

"Credibility Is Key - The Difference"

Bernard Guly, Managing Director EMEA

The Internet has made information more valuable than ever before. This is particularly true for business-to-business marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many companies continue to support marketing programs that fail to provide customers with credible, persuasive information. In the Information Age, credibility is key.

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"Navigating Social Media"

Christina Wilcox, Director

From Facebook and Foursquare to YouTube and Yelp!, the number of existing social media options seems to be expanding exponentially.  While social media can be an effective component in a comprehensive public relations plan, if not utilized properly, it can also be an unnecessary drain on valuable time and resources.  How do B-to-B companies choose which social media outlets to use, and then how do they use them? 

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"Untangling the Web: Keys to Maintaining an Effective Online Presence"

James Nicholson, Director

According to ThomasNet’s Industry Market Barometer, nearly 90 percent of all industrial buyers go directly to the web when looking for information on products and services.  It’s no wonder that nearly every product manufacturer or services provider has its own website.  However, this has become as standard as the business card.  Simply having a website is not enough to stand apart from the herd.  In order to not only contend, but thrive in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, industrial manufacturers need to understand the importance of having a strong, positive online presence.

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"Taking B2B Green: Finding Business Value in Environmental Practices"

Nicole Zampino, Executive Director

For many years, creating environmentally friendly messaging was largely left to consumer marketing.  But today, because of expanding concern for the environment, and pressures filtering through the entire supply chain, a second bottom line is evolving for many B2B companies – and it's green.  Communication strategies for this messaging can be new territory for many companies, and, in some cases, can turn commonly held marketing beliefs on their heads.

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How Do I Avoid Competing On Price?

"Control the conversation and avoid commoditisation by shifting the focus of communications to the value of your products, services and people"

From advanced telecommunications to raw chemicals, the commoditization of products continues unabated. Fierce competition has led many companies to compete only on price. Economic conditions are also enabling buyers to extract even greater concessions from sellers.

Companies can elevate the conversation by going beyond quality products to focus on the total value provided to customers. This includes benefits that improve customers’ buying experiences, enhance sustainability efforts and improve operational efficiency.

By identifying and communicating your real-world differentiatiors customers will realize the true value that you provide, elevating the conversation beyond price alone.

In An Industry With Little Change, How Do I Demonstrate That We're An Innovative Company?

"Show, don’t just tell the value you bring to customers – and their customers."

Suppliers need to demonstrate the value they add to their customers and their customer’s customers, requiring a new way of communicating what they contribute – be it technical expertise, material science acumen, or exceptional client service.

Taking a strong customer story and visualizing it is a powerful way to communicate your company’s innovative approach. Let your customers do the talking about the relationship in video testimonials that can be sent directly to customers through a newsletter, and post them on your website for further mileage. Consider leveraging one of your most knowledgeable and enthusiastic executives to communicate your company’s perspective on the relationship.

By focusing on the strengths of good old-fashioned storytelling – be it intriguing characters, high-stakes outcomes, drama, comedy – you can actually get your message across about the business value you bring more effectively.

How Can I Discover New Sales Opportunities In Niche Markets?

"Leverage the trade and business media to provide credible content about your company, product or service."

Use the power of the media to communicate your message to niche markets worldwide. By contributing articles to reputable print and online publications in new regions, you provide information and resources to potential customers, all with third-party credibility.

Add further credence to marketing efforts by featuring existing customers in these articles to highlight the tangible benefits that your products or services provide. Then, integrate these tactics into other elements of your marketing program, like advertising, trade shows and direct mail, to create message consistency.

The credibility that third parties add to marketing programs is powerful. Leveraging compelling stories in the trade media is a strong way to get you in the door with businesses in niche markets.

How Do I Grow Awareness Of My Brand On A Global Scale?

"Shatter geographic boundaries by continuously and consistently communicating your differentiated value."

The value of persuasive b-to-b branding can't be underestimated when it comes to establishing credibility, market leadership, and preference. It's an inexorable connection of the company with the value it provides, helping to prevent commoditization – a significant threat to profitability and market share.
To build and maintain your b-to-b brand globally:

  • Communicate the business value of products or services beyond the technical details, like customer service and industry leadership. Benefits-oriented content transcends global boundaries, and resonates with decision-makers worldwide.
  • Focus on the differentiated value your company brings – why your company is better, faster, or smarter than the competition. Besides establishing industry leadership, differentiation helps to elevate discussions with customers above price.
  • Communicate your differentiated value consistently, and frequently through the global media to gain credibility and awareness with prospects in diverse geographic markets.

Communicate your differentiated value consistently, and frequently through the global media to gain credibility and awareness with prospects worldwide.

How Do I Shorten My Sales Cycle?

"Nurture leads with consistent, credible and on-point communication to shorten the time between initial conversation and conversion to sale."

News announcements, thought leadership articles, customer testimonials, blog posts, newsletter features, video stories, podcasts are classic marketing and public relations tools that help build awareness and credibility for our clients in their target markets.

Good content should be repurposed for different audiences and markets, extending its value and providing an easy tool for busy sales people to stay engaged with customers and prospects throughout the sales cycle.

  • To create urgency and show experience, send direct emails of testimonial articles repurposed in problem-solution-result snapshots.
  • Show your value and sway decision makers with web links to thought leadership articles on relevant technology and business issues.
  • Keep your customers informed and open for dialogue with short “update” emails with links to recent coverage, new website content or recent news.

The key is to get the right content to the right person at the right time.