"A brand can be a company's most valuable asset… or serious deficiency"

A brand can be a company's most valuable asset… or serious deficiency. ABI's branding services help companies identify, develop, organize, and promote a differentiated corporate or product identity and then communicate it consistently, to produce long-term value.

Corporate Branding

ABI’s corporate branding services begin with the development of a company’s unique value proposition. From there, ABI establishes visual and verbal identity components and a communication platform, all in an effort to establish a credible, valuable and differentiated brand image in the marketplace.

  • Develop unique value proposition
  • Create visual/verbal identity and communication platform
  • Establish differentiated brand in the marketplace

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Positioning & Messaging

Creating strong positioning that is supported by a strategic messaging architecture is at the heart of strong branding. An outgrowth of a company's unique value proposition, positioning statements developed by ABI underscore the high-level promise the company makes to key stakeholders. The supporting messages serve as proof points for your positioning and we tailor them to effectively connect with varied target audiences, markets and industry segments.

  • Create a strong strategic brand positioning
  • Develop positioning statements that underscore the promise to key stakeholders
  • Tailor messaging to key target audiences

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Product Branding

The key to strong product branding is bridging the gap between product benefits and customer needs. ABI translates features into benefits, and matches them with industry needs to develop strategic brand names, positioning platforms, product logos and most importantly, supporting content.


  • Translate product features into benefits
  • Match the benefits with industry needs
  • Develop strategic brand assets and supporting content

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