What the Trade Media Wants You to Know

You can find dozens of golden tips out there suggesting how to write a perfect story using catchy titles that quickly draw readers’ attention. However, getting the story right is one part of the job; the other – which is equally as important – is to understand why the media should consider publish… Read on

by Paige Taylor and Paulina Malinska

How do you fuel build B2B Brand Preference in China? Use WeChat -- strategically

As one of the most prominent information and communication channels in China, WeChat boasted up to 700 million users worldwide in 2016. This massive user base presents a huge opportunity for WeChat to become a new and promising avenue for business development. Hinging on this great potential, the … Read on

by Juliet Zhu

Struggling with 2018 planning? Here’s how to hit growth targets faster

In ABI’s 35+ years we have worked with many business-to-business companies, from large corporations to start-ups. Some have well established marketing departments with defined roles and responsibilities, others operate as a “one-man-show.” Read on

by Yulia Tribrat

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